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September 2018


Bureau Veritas develops Polar Code guidelines

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Since the IMO Polar Code came into force on 1 January 2017, Bureau Veritas has received several enquiries for support by ship owners of existing tonnage operating in polar areas.

The IMO Polar Code contains requirements related to safety and environment aiming to provide safe ship operation and to protect the polar environment by addressing the specific risks present in polar waters.

Based on the IMO requirements for ships constructed before 1 January 2017, and Bureau Veritas’ experience in risk studies, Guidelines for Existing Ships operating in Polar Waters (NI 650) were published in May 2018.

These guidelines are intended to support ship owners, shipyards and Administrations in defining the applicable statutory framework depending on several factors like operating area, ice class and time of operation – thus assisting the marine industry moving into polar waters safely and responsibly.