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September 2017


VeriSTAR Lashing 3.0

Bureau Veritas has launched a new, re-engineered version of its VeriSTAR Lashing software to meet the requirements of its revised Rules for Container Ships (NR 625).
A key focus of the software development was on creating a fast and user-friendly process that enables easy assessment of container securing and locking devices against BV Rules.

veristar lashing 3.0
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With VeriSTAR Lashing 3.0 users can analyze complex lashing configurations (external, internal or mixed lashing systems). This analysis takes into account acceleration values defined in NR 625; the roll reduction factor if the ship is equipped with an anti-roll tank or a stabilization system; and horizontal and vertical twistlock gaps. It also checks strength criteria including stack reactions, loads in container fittings and lashing rod effort versus safe working load.