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September 2017


My Chronos optimizes survey planning

My Chronos, a digital tool to improve survey scheduling efficiency is now live! An integrated online tool, it provides visibility on surveys for all stakeholders: owners, ship personnel, Bureau Veritas planners and surveyors.

My Chronos manages the scheduling process from beginning to end. As soon as a client books a request, it automatically identifies surveyors who are close to the ship and are qualified and available to perform the visit. Thanks to the My Chronos mobile app, the chosen surveyor can access and manage his or her appointments schedule anytime, anywhere, ensuring that appointments are kept. The tool has been used within Bureau Veritas since the beginning of April in nine pilot countries: wider roll-out is now underway.

Looking ahead, future releases of My Chronos will include additional features aimed at improving interactions with shipowners. These include providing the real time status of survey requests, and further optimizing scheduling by taking into account vessel routes. This will be done via interactions with shipowners’ fleet management systems and marine traffic web sites.