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March 2018


Bureau Veritas partnership: reliable operations at optimized costs

veristar lashing 3.0
Bourbon Explorer 504 - Courtesy Bourbon

Bureau Veritas has formed a strategic partnership with BOURBON to help digitize vessel operations. Smart Ship technologies enable owners to achieve better performance, reduce costs, and operate more sustainably.

As well as providing classification notations and Certification, Bureau Veritas is supporting BOURBON upstream to ensure risks are identified and mitigated. A pilot system of advanced automation of dynamic positioning (DP) has already been implemented on the Bourbon Explorer 508. Bureau Veritas provided risk analysis, design review, and onboard verification of the installation. It also assessed cybersecurity risks and certified that they have been managed as required by class.

Bureau Veritas is now working on procedures that enable continuous verification and reduce the need for DP onboard operational and verification tasks.