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June 2018


CAP: a high-quality standard for tankers and gas carriers

veristar lashing 3.0
LNG Lagos

The Condition Assessment Program (CAP) is an out of class and statutory survey offered by Bureau Veritas since early 2000. The vessel status assessment is graded according to a rating, which is based on inspection criteria detailed in the Bureau Veritas NI 465 guidance note. This survey is mainly performed on tankers and gas carriers that are more than 15 years old, on behalf of the owners and intended to oil majors and charterers. Bureau Veritas reports are produced using a dedicated tool that assists surveyors in assessing large amounts of data and photopraphs. Gains in reporting efficiency allow cost savings to be passed onto our clients.

While 2017 was a challenging year for CAP surveyors and managers, we achieved a 25% increase in completed CAP jobs, a figure that builds upon the 17% increase from the previous year.