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April 2019


Bringing oil and gas technology to offshore wind

bringing oil and gas

The oil and gas industry has used offshore platforms such as TLPs, semi-submersibles and spars for years. MatthewsDaniel, a Bureau Veritas Group Company, is now taking its cues from advances in such oil and gas offshore technology, and helping Offshore Wind producers apply it to their industry as well.

Responding to a great need within the Offshore Wind renewables sector to innovate in order to increase commercial viability, wind energy producers are seeking ways to push into deeper water and more challenging environments. Now no longer bound by land or by shallow waters, the offshore wind sector is capitalizing on conceptual designs based on oil and gas platforms.

MatthewsDaniel’s teams of master mariners, engineers, naval architects, meteorologists and OVID- and CMID-qualified surveyors bring added-value Marine Warranty Surveying services to Offshore Wind product teams, their subcontractors and service providers. Its areas of expertise include monopods, jacket foundations, power cable installation, self-elevating units and truck transports, as well as TLPs, spars and semi-submersibles. Bureau Veritas acquired MatthewsDaniel in 2014, enhancing Bureau Veritas’s scope of services to clients through geographical diversification and offering access to a greater depth of resources that range from in-house laboratories to engineering expertise. MatthewsDaniel has offices around the world and is headquartered in London, UK.measurable value.